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I picked up this lovely 1998 Rhygin Metax road bike this week. This is my second Rhygin Metax as I also have a 1997 Rhygin Metax cyclocross bike. I also have a 1994 Rhygin Ra mountain bike, and you can probably tell by now I really dig all things Rhygin. Anyway, I really like stainless and have a 2010 Igleheart 953 650B SS as well.

This is another example of a bike finding me, and not the other way around. I initially didn't want this but after debating it for roughly 6 months, I contacted the seller and took the plunge. I didn't want all of the parts so just purchased the frame/fork and some period correct goodies which include a Dura Ace headset, Dura Ace front derailleur, polished Topline crankset and Selle Italia Flite saddle.

It also came with some newer items including SRAM Rival calipers, levers/shifters and rear derailleur, all of which are going. I'll probably go with a Dura Ace derailleur and Ciamillo/Zero Gravity Zero G brakes. Bought a NOS Control Tech stem off eBay and will get a Thomson 27.0 silver seatpost soon. I have some Nitto handlebars I'm going to slap on, and haven't decided on the levers/shifters.

I slapped in some 2010 Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels with 700x28c Continental Grand Prix 4Season tires. The cassette will most likely be a 10-speed 11-23 Dura Ace. I also installed a 116mm Phil Wood titanium/magnium bottom bracket.

That all being said, I just may go out and get a SRAM Red gruppo. Nice and easy to get everything in one fell swoop! :)

The frame is in excellent condition and has a nice Jen Green custom head badge. I actually have an identical head badge I was going to throw on my Rhygin Ra, but didn't. The fork is a polished Kinesis, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), and I don't know if I'll keep it or swap it out with a steel locally-made fork.

Here's a quick photo when I brought it home (with some nice Phil Wood wheels from my Rhygin Metax CX):

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Thanks so much for all the kind words! :)

Guymk said:
Love the fork, definitely a sweet ride. The Sram Red LTE group really compliments the frame imo. How much does it weigh?
I need to get my scale fixed. Bought a brand new Park scale and the digital readout doesn't display properly.

DaveG said:
Nice looking bike. I don't know much about Metax other than the stainless steel aspect. Is there any difference in ride quality versus other steels?
I don't know if there is, but I like the feel of the stainless frames I have. I haven't had a traditional steel frame in many years.

JeffreyT said:
I'm very jealous. I wanted a Rhygin so bad when they first came out. Yours is beautiful. Congrats!
I have 3 and really enjoy them all! :D

So, I got some extra Metax decals from the kind folks at Columbus in Italy. They sent them for free, which was a bonus. This decal was originally at the base of the down tube and I much prefer it up on the seat tube.

View attachment 219015

I tuned this beast up last night and got most everything working nicely. The 10/20 gear is a bit flaky, so I need to work on that.

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Well, I've had a little detour in this project. I purchased the 57cm thinking I'd never find a 55cm. These bikes are pretty rare and I was resolved to the fact the I'd never find one in my size. A few weeks back, for giggles, I did a national search on CraigsList and what did I find? A 55cm Rhygin Metax road bike in California! Yippee!!!! Original owner in excellent condition. I'm still waiting for the fork from Peter Mooney and I was told it'll be back from paint by March 15th.

I got the bike just as I returned from NAHBS and here how it looked built up with its original owner:

View attachment 225835

Home sweet home:

View attachment 225836

View attachment 225837

View attachment 225838

I dismantled it and cleaned it up a bit. Sold most of the parts except for the wheels, some Mavic Heliums, which are in amazing condition and are now residing my on Rhygin Metax CX bike. It's getting a 7900 front & rear derailleurs though I have to decide on the shifters. All other parts I'm still in the planning phase.

Here's how it looks now:

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View attachment 225840

View attachment 225841

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