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Note( This post is MTB oriented but reflects in road riding , too)

I entered now in the MSPO phase, after two sets of 3 weeks in SMSPO (just to make sure I was producing all the power I can, in fact I hit new numbers that was amazed to see them lasting for so much time in 4 mins intervals). The main reason that I decided to get into longer intervals is just to see how do I perform in races with this preparation. I had done 3 races doing SMSPO intervals and the results were good (1 place, 3 place and 6 place :( ). So I`m wondering, how this new phase would benefit my performance and endurance??. I think that in a MTB race short intervals are they key (4 mins and 5 mins intervals are the best), but I don`t know, how doing 15 mins or 10 min at a LOWER intensity could benefit as much as shorter intervals at a HIGHER intensity.

Well, after this questions my last one is...How is your approach to this intervals, I mean, I tried to do them (last year) on the trainer, but it was so mentally demanding watching a cronometer till it get`s to the final minute that it makes every interval hurt more than anything...Do you do them outside on a steady climb? or how do you perform those sessions?.
When you feel that you can raise a little more power (say that you have 3 weeks doing them), do you try to produce more speed for the same lenght, or increment the minutes of the interval?

Thanks a lot for reading this!

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