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Good feedback bowwow...

I think the main problem is not being able to caption each photo. That kinda sucks.

I'm glad you find it easy to handle the pictures.

The solution to the problem you're describing is the horizontal setup, which is the way I originally had the RBR forums setup. What this means is, instead of the avatars and titles being in the left hand column, they were showing up above the main post, in a horizontal row. This would solve the scrolling right-left, like you are describing.

But, the decision was made to stick with the left hand column for now. Polls show that the majority of users are at 1024x768 or larger, so that is the new "standard". Either layout creates a bunch of wasted space, though. I guess, ideally, this would be a user selectable function, but currently it is not.

Not to be smart or anything, but monitors are very cheap now. You can even get an 18" flat display monitor for under $500 now (well, here in Silicon Valley, you can). 18" CRT's are much cheaper.


BowWow said:
Just learned something else - if you edit your signature it changes the signature on all previous posts! Cool!

But here's another negative - I post my photos at 600 pixels wide, to fit my monitor resolution without scrolling (800x600). When I scroll over to have the whole photo on the screen the poster's info slides off the screen to the left. So in order to see who replied I have to scroll left to see the info, then scroll right to read the post (which is forced to the width of the photos). This is very cumbersome.

On a positive note, I DO like being able to edit my posts any time I want!!!

However, I could feasably bait someone with a troll-type post, get their reply, then change the original post to make the respondant look stupid... Hmmmm, this may prove interesting!
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