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Getting rough

ntekrony said:
In general, what size frame should a 6'1" rider with a roughly 35" inseam be riding.
When you say "roughly" do you mean your inseam could be 34" or 36" or are you saying maybe it's 34.8 or 35.2? Why don't you just measure it and then use one of these fit calculators:

Measure your inseam: stand against a wall with your feet 6 inches/15 cm apart, no shoes. Push the spine of a 1 inch/2-3 cm thick book into your crotch with significant pressure, and measure the distance from the book spine to the floor. Your saddle top to pedal axle should be 108-110% of the inseam measurement.

Here are several frame fit calculators.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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