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It's on it's way from England, a 1968 Holdsworth Pro frame set. It's Reynolds 531 of course with Prugnat lugs and almost no braze ons. Needs restoration but it will be magnificent in orange with blue panels, chrome fork with sloping crown and 10" of chrome on the wrap-around seat stays.

I'm not trying to restore it to the original but instead want a fixed gear bike that pays tribute to the Holdsworth heritage.

My build plan includes a modern drive train with Phil Wood hubs and BB. Across the top it will be retro with a Brooks saddle, Record brakes and maybe a Randonneur style GB handle bar.

Still thinking about headset, crank, rims, seat post and stem. All suggestions welcome.

When it's done I will invite my cycling buddies over and we will drink a toast to the British Empire
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