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Dalis12 said:
International Bicycle?

I just bought a road frame that i am gonna fix up and have as my project bike for the next few months. I ride exclusively MTB until this bike so I don't know much. The HT crest and a decal on the seat tube are branded as International Bicycle. I bought it off a guy who was at least the second owner if not more. its a 70's era frame with all original parts(so I think). Steel of course. the guy said it might have been re branded but it is definitely a Japanese frame (also says made in Japan on the frame so...)

If pics would help I can post em later when I get home. mostly just wondering whether its a re brand or what.

The International brand is not listed in Sheldon Brown's article on Japanese bikes, so it is almost certanly a re-brand. There were many rebranded bikes from Japanese manufacturers back then. The manufactures would simply slap different decals or stickers onto a frame.

Have fun, but I wouldn't put much money into it. This is an entry level bike boom bike with a low market value. However, I rode thousands of miles and had great times on a bike that wasn't as nice as this. I like to see these old bikes in use.

BTW Dave_Stohler is an RBR member who has a a disdain for old entry level bikes. It's fun to see him get all worked up over it.
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