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Hello all:

I am in the process of building up a frenkenbike for my brother. With great luck we stumbled upon an older 9 speed 7700 group. It includes a 7700-c Shifter. When I was getting ready to replace the rear derailleur shift cable/housing and trying to figure out what the weird ribbon was ( I later learned it's a computer cable)
, I had to remove a plastic cover which (I assume) is supposed to help keep dirt and water out of the ratchet assembly.

This black plastic cover is secured with a VERY small screw (Shimano P/N Y-6CX 48000/Nomenclature "Front Cover Fixing Screw"). While I was removing the screw it dropped to the floor. My brother and I spend 2 hours on our hands and knees with flashlights but no luck.

Any thoughts on how to get a replacement. If anyone know the threading I can cut down or grind another screw to fit.

Thanks much!

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