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Decided to sell my Telekom Merckx Corsa SLX 57cm f,f,hs. Giving the Merckx lovers here first bite at the apple. I am in AZ and will be home Saturday to take measurements and more pix-it is in the Post Your Merckx thread toward the end if you are interested.

I bought it on the Bay from Germany-it is in excellent condition, the paint is REALLY good, I have probably put 300 miles on it. I will check but I believe I framesavered it before I built it. I will probably go to the Serotta forum next and then EBAY if no one is interested.

And no, I have not lost my mind and not in financial distress. I have Too Many Bikes (as opposed to Toomanybikes, whom I have had the pleasure of riding with this week, he on his stunning De Rosa Neo Primato and I on a pretty cool Merckx 7-11--we are a cute couple). I have another SLX back in MA and also the Merckx track fixie that I just built, and then there is the 7-11 here and the MX Leader I am building it goes. Time to pare down. PM if interested

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