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KJohnson said:
Haven't hear anything in a few months. Is it dead or just a slow process?
Both maybe? The town just voted in a new mayor and some new town board members. The old mayor was in some respects buds with Doug Emerson from Ubikes. That's how the whole ball got rolling. Now that Mayor Tim Kyer is out, no one on the town board is really pushing for the track. The new mayor, Nick Angelo, hasn't done anything official but he and the 2 new board members seem to think that it wouldn't directly benefit the folks in town (ie, not many lyons people will ride the track). They also seem too shortsighted to see the possible economic benefit to town from a potential track. This is all unofficial. The new town board has not discussed the velodrome yet.

Also, Emerson and his partner have not been very forthcoming with information about the track to the town board, the town people, or either of the 2 bike shops in town. I have emailed him several times. Each time I get the "more news on X_day. I'll keep you posted," followed by absolutely nothing. The average Lyons citizen is either against the track, knows nothing about a velodrome, or, in most cases, both.

This thing needs a big marketing effort in Lyons to the Lyons voters. Until that happens, it's dead in the water.
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