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Wippermann works for me...dead quiet and long lasting...

Weißstern (White Star) of the best values for the buck around. Bushing chain...shiny and silver. Around $15.00.

Business Cycles in Miami has them. John Dacey, the owner, is one of the most savy track guys around.

I think that I've bought a couple from Airbomb in Calif., too. Lots of track and SS stuff there, also.



I assumed, when I responded to your post last nite, that you were running an all 1/8th drivetrain. If EITHER (or both) chainring and cog are 3/32nd, and you're running a 1/8th chain...of any'll have a noise issue.

Also, if you've set your wheel too far back and cause too much chain tension, you'll hear popping noises and feel some low level vibration...maybe even hear a very faint "grinding" noise.

When you turn the crank by hand, bike in a stand, check for binding...a signal that your CR is not centered properly and/or that your chain tension is too great.

All things adjusted properly, you'll be riding a stealthy steed.

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