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thinking of trying one with an 11s mtb clutch derailleur.

only worry is having to put considerably more effort into shifting gears at the lever.

any other concerns?

right now i'm running 11-40 xt cassette with woolf tooth road link and a 105 5800 derailleur with an sgs cage adapted from a mtb derailleur.

this works great in all but the 11 tooth cog, when pedaling hard downhill and stopping pedal the chain slaps around.

I have set the pulley wheel cage into the tighter spring setting but that doesn't help.

for now i have set my 105 derailleur stop screw to not allow bike to go into the 11 tooth.

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I ran a tanpan on my Norco Search for a few months last summer.

I wouldn't say it changes to feel at the shift lever dramatically, but there is a noticeable general reduction in shift quality, presumably due to the extra friction in the system. Note that my application involved full length internal cable runs, which may have contributed to the reduced shift quality with the tanpan.

It was rideable, but I ended up giving up and going back to 50/34 and 11-32 on it for an overall better experience. If I decide to go back to a larger cassette, I'll probably wait until the Di2 prices drop this fall and pick up an XT (M-8050) rear derailleur, some ST-785 shifters, etc.. and go the Di2 route.

Right now my RoadMachine is handling all of my gravel needs, so the Search is sitting mostly unused.
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