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I have a 2001 BA.

thrmaln said:
Hello All,

Just when I thought I had found the perfect bike for me (Specialized Roubaix) I do a stupid thing and test ride a Lemond Buenos Aries. The BA had almost as smooth a ride as the roubaix, fit just as good and it's design blend of carbon and steel is very well done. I am a big guy at 6'4" and 240 pounds, and I have been posting pretty heavily with newbie questions for the past few weeks. I also test rode a felt today, but felt way to stretched out. My inseam is 36", but my arms are relatively averege in length. Just like my, well lets not mention that LOL. Anyway, the fit in the lemond just felt right from the start, but the cost is a fair amount higher ($1737). The roubaix, has a very smooth ride but I am concerned with the wheel strength of the ALX-290's and its an all 105 bike ($1200). The elite model is all ultegra with the shimano WR-540 wheels ($1600). I was concerned with the wheelset on the BA and the shop said that they would waranty them for life if I were to damage them due to my weight. Waranty for life seems odd, i'll make sure it's in writing. My goal weight is 205 lbs, I am a Mountain biker, and this will be my first modern road bike in a long time. Anyway, if anyone has any real word experience with either of these bikes, I would love to hear it.

Best regards,

Marc Webster
Mine is all steel, but the carbon/steel mix on the new ones looks pretty sweet. The only real complaints with my BA is the paint chips off very easily and lots of flex in the BB area. The fit of Lemonds is definately different than most production bikes made these days and is usually a kind of a love or hate thing. I had tried several different brands before I tried a Lemond. It felt great as far as fit went and I do like the look of a steel frame. I have ridden the bike twice across the state of Iowa and have done several 100k's every summer since I have bought it. It is a very comfortable bike for long stretches in the saddle and it is also very stable.

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