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Lemond Buenos Aries

I have a 1999 LEMOND Buenos Aries its an all steel bike Reynolds 853.
Sounds like you are a pretty good sized fellow, I would be a little concerned with the carbon fiber/steel bike, the chain & seat stays seems like the weak link. When carbon fiber fails, it fails right now. You might ask for a second opinion, some shops just want to sell you a bike. I was sold my Lemond and found out later that it was designed for riders with longer upper bodies, I am a little short guy, I had to change 3 stems before I found the right one. I wished the shop had told me before I bought it. I learned the hard way. The bike felt good when I rode it but several hundred miles later ouch I started feeling the pain. :( I am having a custom bike made now. Check out the all steel bikes, you can't go wrong and it will deffinatly hold up for you.
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