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Anybody tried the newly designed PI gel gloves?

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Pearl Izumi has new Gel Lite Race, Tour, and Pro gloves. I was wondering if anybody has tried them yet. The new design looks pretty good to me.

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Gel Vent Pro

I rode with the new Gel Vent Pros for the first time yesturday. For the past ~5 years I have been using PI Pittards Carbon gloves. I had tried other manufacturers gloves but the Pittards were the only ones that I liked. I would still get hot spots, mostly during my warm ups and cool downs due to less force on the pedals and more on my hands. I would also have to take my hands off of the bars every so often and give them a good shake to relieve any discomfort. The new Gel Vents are awesome. No hot spots at all (again only one ride). They are very comfortable as there is not velco adjustment, you just pull the glove on and off. The glove is a little more snug fitting and I was afraid that I needed a larger size but the fit was perfect. The snot wiper is also a lot softer. I would say that they are definately worth the extra $8 over the Pittards.
Tried 'em and like 'em. They are an improvement over the previous ones.
I bought the gel lites and really like them- when I was picking out gloves I put those on and instantly knew they were what I wanted. I've ridden with them a couple times and I don't even remember that I'm wearing them.

A funny sidenote- you (the OP) and I have the same number of posts and you've been here for two years longer than me :D
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