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When I moved from a road to a cyclocross frame over the winter I picked up a set of Swissstop BXP blue pads. This is their new all-weather compound for aluminum rims. It replaces their green pads, as far as I can tell. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to pay twice the price of Kool Stop pads. The brakes are Tektro CR710's.

Anyway, so far the stopping power is excellent in both wet and dry conditions. I cannot keep the front pads from squealing (a nice 1.2 kHz tone) under moderate braking, even after rim cleaning, toe-in, light sanding of pads, etc. It's not an annoying howl, I will wait and see if it goes away with more mileage. The rear does not squeal at all.

My verdict so far: very effective in wet or dry conditions, not particularly noticeably different in comparison to much cheaper Kool Stop salmon or salmon/black pads. Rim wear TBD.
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