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Anyone ever use LeWedge?

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Anyone use the LeWedge or something similar for correcting the natural cant of your foot? I am thinking that my left foot cants in, forcing my knee towards the top tube in on the downstroke. Is it worth trying? Is trial and error a good way to figure out if this helps? Would it help to videotape yourself from the front while pedaling and look at where your knees go? Any suggestions for a "homebrew" equivalent to the LeWedge?

What are your experiences?
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have used lewedge since it was called big meats. i assume you have knee pain as i did that apparently was from my feet canting inward. before you use them, try and get an accurate measurement of both legs to make sure you have no leg length issues. if one is longer than the other you may need to add a few extra wedges on the short side to compensate a little. add wedges in small increments like 2 wedges each side at a time. one wedge at a time is too small of an increment imho.
Custom orthotics are more expensive than LeWedge but they will solve this problem first try without much experimentation.

They are something like $100-150 and mine last me at least 2-3 seasons for biking. (You wear them out much faster if you run with them)

They will/can help with everything from shin splits, back aches/spasms, knee problems, etc.. they really work.

Only problem is you may have to get a doctor consultation first depending on who you get them from. I got them after a back injury from soccer about 10 years ago. The doctor told me to get them, since then I just go back every few years to get a new pair. For me they pretty much make a huge difference in any sport.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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