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Particularly the forums there... I go there every once in a while when I feel like getting flamed for asking simple questions. If I'm in a particular mood where I would like to see children throw mud at eachother I pay it a visit.
Unfortunately theres some great localized Canadian info buried in there particularly wrt racing. I'm thinking maybe this branch of rbr could maybe become a more civilized version of the cc forum one day.

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Very infrequently, and never for the forum...

I do like to visit personnal info web pages (on canadian cyclists...)

Like Dominique Perras or Geneviève Jeanson, Ryder Hesjedal...

My favorire cycling related site is Cycling News.

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Once you get past the mudslinging, it is generally well informed..

Too bad for it though. The abuse can be crazy sometimes.

Check Pedal for their new forums, most of the old CC crown are there and up to their old tricks. I don't know why, but as soon as someone builds a log-on board, it dies. The open forums where people can blindly attack each other seem to do well.

Agreed, as a sub-community it would be neat to see a stronger representation through RBR.

So, go ahead and drop some links in there to this forum!
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