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Start with seat tube c-c. This will bring you to a Colnago with a shorter top-tube yet a bit taller head-tube (depending on the size).

The rest is up to you, do you want to reduce your drop(raise the handlebars without spacers)? Then go 2 cm larger as the top-tube will be about the same as a comparable Lemond. Keeping the same drop, a Colnago will give you 1-2cm shorter top-tube which is easily offset by stem length. But, in smaller sizes with steeper seat-tubes, the shorter top-tube effect is negated.

I ride a 55 Lemond (55 x 56.5 c-c), and if I could pick up a Colnago tomorrow, it would be a 57 (55 x 55.6 c-c, with a 15.8 cm head tube which is 2.5 cm taller than the Lemond). FWIW, Lemond has fixed the HT (IMHO) issue with an extension (à la Pegoretti) this year.

Just my rant,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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