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I'm interested in hearing from both those who have had them for a long time without having any kind of treatment, and especially those who have had either "stripping" or "closure" procedures done.

I have a pretty nasty looking "Greater Saphenous Vein" on my right leg. About 5 years ago my leg was crushed in a motorcycle accident, and it appears that the long term effects are damaged valves. Today I had an ultrasound done, to see if all the other circulation was normal. Good news is that my deep veins are fine, bad news is I really need to have this greater saphenous vein either stripped or closed. The closure procedure is way more appealing than stripping. The dr. assures me that at most, I would be off the bike for 3 or 4 days, and riding back at 100% in 2 weeks. I've been trying to find athletes of any kind, that have had this procedure done, to see if they had any problems down the road. Scares the shite out of me to have a huge vein in my leg sealed shut, but its not working correctly.

Info on the "closure procedure" I refer to can be seen here:
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