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I'm having quite a time installing OSymetric chainrings on my Cannondale CAAD10.

I have no problem with the smaller chain ring, it is in place and has no rubbing. The problem Im having is with the big chain ring, I have to set the limit in such a way that it will shift to the large chainring, but in doing so when it settles it rubs on the inner side of the cage. If I set the limit screw in more, the chain wont shift to the big ring. If I set the limit screw out more (to use the trim function) it dumps the chain to the outside. So Im stuck with a rubbing chain on the big chainring for half of the cassette block which is where I spend 98% of my time.

I contacted OSymetric and they suggested that I put some 18-8 washers between the small chain ring and the crank arm, which I have ordered. I will have to readjust the derailuer (for the 23 billionth time) but right now thats all I have.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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