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I've been on a quest for a better saddle. I used to ride Fizik Arione for several years before I knew anything about saddles. I couldn't ride real long in the drops squishing my private part. I didn't know any better and just thought that I would get used to it. Then, about couple of years ago, I started riding the Aliante as I fell for the spine concept as I'm not that flexible. Spine concept did make sense, and I did like the large lift on the back as I felt I can pedal much better with Aliante than Arione. In the drops, it didn't give me as much trouble down there, but it was still pinching a little at times which I didn't like, but I thought I'll get used to it. One day, it annoyed me and I started to research a lot about saddles and decided to try the Specialized Toupe 143mm width. My boys were really happy switching to these so I thought there is something to it with the cutouts. Unfortunately with the saddle being pretty flat, I felt my legs working differently compared to Aliante. I think from my experience so far, I like the lift in the back and having a relief channel in the middle. I also seem to prefer a wider saddle as I was measured 122mm sitbone at a local LBS.
So, I purchased the Romin EVO 155mm to try out. I'm excited to try this out as it seems to have everything that I want: lift in the back, cut out, width choice. I do like to race and ride in the drops a lot(I couldn't do much with Arione when I started riding, but now it's different).

But now, I also want to try out the Chicane. Is it like Selle San Marco Concor, but you can get it wider? It does seem like it's something that I would like to try with relief channel, lift in the back, and larger width.
It seems like it's much softer than Romin. Aliante that I had did have a really soft seat so I wonder if Chicane would be similar to Aliante with a relief channel so like Aliante VS.
But does the relief channel really work as well a cut out?
I may just buy Chicane as well, and return whichever one that I don't like between Chicane and Romin, or if I don't like either, just return both.
I've been reading alot of great reviews for Romin for people who are in similar situation as me, but haven't read much for Chicane, so I would like to get some opinion on this. Thanks
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