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This is one of the better ways to get faster on the bike. I'm thinking hill repeats of 1-10 minutes, sprints mini TT's and some interval training.

We're starting this in a few weeks for the Team In Training Cycling team on Tue nights, but I'm sure if we invited some RBR folks, everyone would have even more fun.

We'd meet at the Safeway parking lot in downtown Los Altos, and head out into Los Altos Hills each week by 5:45ish until the time changes. This would NOT be a hammerfest ride.

It would be a TRAINING ride with a specific workout to do each week done correctly with hard efforts followed by FULL recovery done multiple times on the same terrain for 90 mins max. This usually gives you 4-6 efforts depending on the focus.

It wouldn't matter what your fitness level is, you are welcome to join because at the end of 4-6 weeks, everyone will be stronger.
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