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Griffo -v-Flexus

I have the Challenge Griffo's mounted on my Reynolds and the Tufo Flexus' mounted on my Velocity Deep-V's. They are both very nice and supple tires...not up to Dugast standards apparently, but both essentially equal to one another in terms of suppleness. The tread on the Flexus is much more aggressive than the Griffo and the compound is much softer and tackier. I think I can tell a significant difference in cornering on wet grass and in the mud.

In comparing the rubber on Tufo Elites/Prestige, Tufo Flexus and the Challenge Griffo, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the softest and grippiest I would rate the Elite/Prestige at 5, the Griffo at 8 and the Flexus as a 9. On the suppleness scale, I would rate the Tufo Prestige at 4, the Elite at 6 and the Challenge Griffo and Tufo Flexus at 9. On side wall durability I would rate the Tufo Prestige at 8, the Elite at 7, the Flexus at 6 and the Griffo at 5.

One additional factor to consider is that Tufo's can be sealed if there is a small puncture, but as they are tubeless they cannot be rebuilt with a new tube.

The Flexus is much lighter - maybe 100 grams per tire.

Where I have raced rocks and sidewall cuts are not a big problem. I have decided to use the Challenges on the carbon wheels as my dry-fast course tire and have the Flexus on the aluminum rims for muddier and slicker conditions. I will probably opt for Dugasts on the carbon wheels when the Challenges are used up.

BTW, I train on Tufo Prestige clincher-tubulars and hve found these to be a very dependable alternative to clincers.

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