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Anyone use Microshift

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Seems like some of the pros are using the much maligned Microshift:
How bad can they be if pros are using them? Any thoughts?
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TT shifters and road shifters are two COMPLETELY different animals...
cs1 said:
True but the team is also using a Microshift rear derailleur, which is a key piece of equipment.
Not really.

I can use a deore rear derailleur on a 10 7800 series shifter, and it will work perfectly. However, using a top end derailleur on garbage shifters will still result in garbage shifting.

Microshift road shifters, as the poster above states, are garbage.
AllezCat said:
I have not ridden on a bike with microshifters other than around the bike shop that I work in. In that brief period of time I found the shifters to be too stiff, clunky and they did not "feel right" On the other hand I have been riding Shimano STI for several years in several forms and found that even Tiagra and Sora "feel better" and operate better than the microshift. I have not ridden SRAM road groups for an extended period of time but the experience I have with them has been positive.

To agree bluntly...microshift road shifters are garbage and I dread having to work with them.


Shifters are NOT a place to try to be different. SRAM, Shimano, Campy. Pick one of those and only those.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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