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Thread is a bit old, but a few questions. I have the PRS20 (21?) picture above. I like it, since I have both steel and carbon bicycles and didn't want to clamp the post.

My problem is that I live in a place where I can't leave the stand set up. When I want to work on my bikes I have to haul it out in the backyard and set it up. The central pipe is not precisely machined so that when I'm pulling it out/sliding it up, it goes...then suddenly catches and hangs up. This usually results in my pinching my fingers or something annoying, in some way. I'm greased the heck out of the pipe, but still happens.

Then it can sometimes be a real PITH to get the pin through the arm.

Once the stand is set up, I love it. Setting it up is a slight hassle. (I use mine exclusively at home, not at races).

I was checking out the bench/wall mounted clamps they offer. Anyone using these? Most seem to rotate 360 and be able to clamp the ST, TT, or seat post. On my carbon bike my post is carbon and my TT is a bit flattened. Might not be easy to clamp.

Just thought I'd see if anyone could offer some feedback on these. I could bolt one to the side/floor of my porch in the backyard and just leave it there. Could cover it when it rains.

Seems like a decent investment over pinching my fingers and cursing every time I do bike repair; I save the cursing for when I've already started wrenching:)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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