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I'm sorry that I didn't start doing this earlier, but here are some links to the last months or so ride reports on the old forum:

<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3ef0">"Sure it was a little cold, just not too cold."</a> - MB1
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3e67">"Chile (and warm)"</a> - ChilePEPr
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3e14">"Avoiding the wind"</a> - mickey-mac
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3dd7">"Shonan Village Ride Report"</a> - fredstaple
<b>PHOTO REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe38a6">"Why not France?"</a> - teoteoteo
<b>PHOTO REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3887">"Cross Training"</a> - ZvierBoy
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe37a2">"Coming out of my lurking cave"</a> - kfatschor
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe36c6">"19 degrees and crud falling from the sky..."</a> - MB1
<b>RACE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe3609">"Photos from the World's"</a> - gregario
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe2da8">"Yokosuka, Japan"</a> - fredstaple
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe2d6d">"What were we thinking?"</a> - biknben
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe2970">"A night on the town."</a> - MB1
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe256c">"Report from the Land of the Ride'n Sun"</a> - Fattrax
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe2516">"This week-end was too hot!"</a> - PeterRider
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe2405">"In the land of Team Lard Butt. A cold ride report."</a> - MB1
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe1cdc">"Yamaguchi Temples - ride report- sort of!"</a> - GeoCyclist
<b>RACE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe1ca1">"2004 Hong Kong Cycle Classic race report"</a> - kai-ming
<b>SHOP REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe1a3a">"Stoton Cycle - Stoughton WI"</a> - Asiago
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe17b0">"Yingde>Nine dragons>Yangshan - China Part II"</a> - kai-ming
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe178f">"Yingde>Nine dragons>Yangshan - China"</a> - kai-ming
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe1749">"Haleakala" </a> - bimini
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efe159c">"Newport Track, Wales UK"</a> - Hereford Flyer
<b>RIDE REPORT</B> <a href="[email protected]@.efdfc75">"Short Ride.. winter wonderland"</a> - ChuckUni
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