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Are Gavin and Vilano the same company?

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most of you wont care bc these companies arent on your radar but i couldnt help but notice some similarities.

1. the font they use for the graphic on their bikes is identical.
2. they both use the same simple design of just their name on the frame.
3. the names of their bikes are even close ie tuono and nuovo.

just an observation :)
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Probably from the same factories in Asia.

It has been said, on and off, that many bicycles are just massed produced and various colors and stickers applied. A basic design is rendered, produced using mass produced components and marketed out to the various distributors. You get the idea.
This changes somewhat when dealing with *name* companies; they have a design built to their specs instead of a generic model and call it special.

In the end, everything around a given price point seems fairly similar, except for paint and stickers.
I'm willing to bet the Vilano and Gavin share more than they differ.

Are they the same company? Probably not

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