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I have owned 3 x BB30 cranksets now. I tighten them all up sufficiently and check them regularly. I've cracked 2 x SRAM Force left hand cranks at the connection point. One of them was a new replacement crank I bought. Perhaps a force 2012 left crank is different to the force 2010 crank as it was loose pretty much straight away despite being tightened fully.

Then I owned a FSA SLK. After a year or so, I broke it at the pedal connection. The steel part built into the carbon just cracked out. Of course neither SRAM or FSA are interested in giving you a new one after 1 year.

Do any of you guys have problems with breaking left hand cranks. i see heaps of right hand sides on ebay, but no left hand one's other than at expensive prices.

How and where do you guys get yours replaced? I am changing back to 68mm standard cranks. I'm done with BB30 (also because of the creaking, bottom brackets coming loose from carbon)
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