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got the bike woot! so damn excited, total trip was 450 miles and 6 hours and 45 minutes...

while I was there also picked up a bell fuzio helmet, some specialized BG gloves, cages, bottles, shimano shoes, and a bell weather bib which was highly recommend by one of the guy's at the shop who's 6'6. the Large fits me perfectly. and im almost 6'5.

stopped by the local shop on the way home and got my cleats and pedals, guy said practice clipping in and out...I said that was for the birds and when I got home immediately hopped on...defintely a learning curve, but nothing steep at all I basically have it down now, stopping is easy, starting and clipping back in is a bit tricky, and it was wet so everything was slippery. didn't go down...yet.

riding with no hands is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy with clip pedals....I looked:cool:

pedaling is definitely different....I need to figure out how to make the round circles...I think I as doing a pretty good job.

heres pics of the steed, man im so stoked, going riding tom morning.

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