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So a couple months ago I see my PCP about a pain in my lower back on my left side and IT band issues on my left side. A hip xray was ordered and it showed spots on the right femoral head, granted at the time I had no issues on the right side but I am told to see a Orthopedic surgeon. Up until the point I see him I still have no pain on the right so the Doc says I just do replacements, there is nothing I am going to do for you at your age (45) esp. w/o any pain, and a lot of the time this will work itself out, come back if you start having an issue.

Over the next month and a half I do start to have pain and also am informed by a chiropractor that I have about a half inch leg length difference, the right one being the shorter. So I shim the right leg which helps noticeably with both the left and right sides but still ask the Doc for an MRI just to make sure. MRI comes back and verifies necrosis in my right hip, awesome, no degradation of the ball yet though so I am trying to see a Doc in philly who does joint preservation but that's going to be an uphill battle with insurance (30% grade)

I know htfu and all that stuff but I am pretty bummed about it
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