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Hey, this is cool there is a forum for people who need some advice on bikes. I know I will get a lot of smart-a_ _ comments, if this is like the computer forums. However, I will see what comes of it all. Maybe I will just get some sound, safe, expert advice.

First off, would anybody who is an expert on bikes tell me what they think of the "Automatic Transmission Electric..." at the site? I am very curious to read what the pros think

OK now for my questions: As Cadillac a good bike? I am changing from a car to a bike for my work transportation. I am not interested now in wearing that funky silky-type shirt and shorts and put my feet in a place I cannot easily get them free. I do not want to bend over like I am looking and wondering; "where did that chair go?" I have no idea what the quality brands are and I am the type that I want to pay for quality up-front and hopefully it will help me save down the road. hehe--get it?
I would like tires that give me the majority of speed on the road but able to take dirt path too.

If you know what the most current way to measure ones-self for this type of bike, let me know that too. I might see something online. I would like the extra protection in the tire that avoids a lot of thorn flats and those weed-type things that get stuck in my running shoes when I run out in the dirt.

So, I think that is it. I would say I do not need a lot of gears, but some in case a "racer" tries to take me on, comfortable seat for a tight hard body builder's butt, 6"4, 220 lb., great shape but bad joints from being into sports to long and too hard for many years.

What about these K2 Coasting bikes? Are those for sight-seeing? I would like to pick up some speed but I o not thin k my spine an take the arch with a racers type bike. I would like to put a high tech type rack on it so that I can rely on it lasting some time and take an occasional all day ride.

Ah, I better say something about cost. I could deal with something worth $1000 or below, but try not to recommend a bike just on price alone. If you could, let that come last or not at all.

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