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Spoiler alert: this isn't about television

So after a grueling few months of prep work, my company has been moved to a new building along with a modest data center. The last big push was last weekend and by Tuesday we had 95% of the transition pains ironed out (connectivity between development and production networks, offsite access, production systems). In the process, I learned that storage systems are a fickle beasts and don't like to be moved. We lost 2 storage controllers and multiple smaller disk arrays that were luckily resolvable after some troubleshooting.

I have been doing 11-15 workdays for the past 6 months, I find it hard to shorten my workday to a more standard 8 hours. I really don't like leaving tasks partially completed; ironically home is full of partial projects and tasks that needs to be wrapped up. Since I am salaried, there really is no incentive to work longer hours other than getting things done and to dodge a bit of traffic. I have not yet ridden to the new office since I now need a new lock with a longer shackle and the one-way distance is twice as far. The weather has also been wet and I had not yet moved my toiletries to work last week.

For anyone that has had this happen, how did you transition back to a shorter day?
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