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There was a post down (up?) the page that mentioned somebody helmetless, running red lights and such, and reminded me of something, thought I'd share.

I was on the way home from watching the finish of a stage of the Tour of California, on my commuter, all geeked out--15 yr old MTB pulling trailer with my chair and cooler. I stop at a red light at the bottom of a slight hill, and hear something rapidly approaching from behind, a tire starting to slide in gravel. Just as I look back a guy, no helmet, rips around me, and runs the light. Just up the road, he cuts across 3 lanes of traffic, 2 left turn lanes (and it's busy, as I watch a bunch of brakes lights light up behind him) and then through another red light left turning into oncomming traffic. He survives.

As I mosy along obvserving this, two things cross my mind: 1) That was interesting and, 2) why would he be going that way as there is only.....a large hotel back there.....ah, I'm a bit slow. It was one of the pros deciding to ride back to the hotel (who I didn't recognize, or take note of the team).

Not really posting for any reason or make any point--just sharing a little story.
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