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You ever get these bad days that seem to happen for no discernable reason?
I guess it's old age (I'm 40) but I had a rotten ride today and I can't really understand why. Thursday morning I did about 25miles 18-19mph tempo with some buddies, that night I did some high intensity interval training for around an hour (hill repeats), nothing on Friday, Saturday I got out and felt great. Very strong sensations, I did around 40 miles but only maybe half at a moderately hard tempo that had me breathing heavy, the rest of the ride I just backed off because I wanted to uncork a good one on Sunday where I"d go 60-70mi on some rolling terrain. Again, I'm happy, feeling strong and motivated for a faster than avg Sunday ride.

So I'm up this morning, feeling sleepy and stiff but that's nothing new, pull out the bike, get kitted out and have a light breakfast and out the door. Still feeling very low energy but I'm kind of a slow starter anyway, no big deal, I'll just ride through it and take off when I feel better. But i just continued to get worse. Groggy and achy the whole way through, all I could think about was laying down somewhere and taking a nap. It was like I bonked but without the bewilderment and headache; simply no energy. I bagged it after 20miles.

I haven't been over-training recently, in fact I just got off a lot of hard training in the spring and took 2-weeks very easy about a month ago because I was burning out. The rest worked wonders and I thought I was turning a corner form-wise these last 10-days.

Diet wise, I had pizza after my Sat ride, maybe shouldn't have tackled that 4th slice but nothing unusual. No drinking. Got about 7-8 hrs sleep, in the morning I had bowl of Special K. The only thing really different from my morning routine was skipping my normal 2 cups of coffee. Could that be it? I'm so addicted to coffee my body went haywire on me? Or is it just normal to have a random day with nothing in the tank? I don't think I'm coming down with an illness, other than lethargy there are no other symptoms. I mean I've had bad days but today was ridiculous. I'd pop out of the saddle to try and get some momentum going and only manage 3 honks on the pedals before I was sitting down wishing my handlebar was a pillow. 13mph on the way home; I haven't gone that slow since, well, the last time I bonked.

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Two thoughts --

1) Certainly if you're used to caffeine every morning, that would be an impact as you experience the withdrawals
2) Hydration levels? Was it warmer than normal or did you drink less liquid before or during the ride?
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