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Do not buy from this character! Agreed on a price and sent money but NEVER recieved the item. Never responded to email. HE or SHE is a CROOK! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Category: Pedal

Ad Number: 97134

Date Posted: 01/12/2006

Size: Clipless

Price: $105 obo

Product Condition: Brand New

Text of Ad

I am selling a brand new pair of Time ATAC XS clipless pedals. They have never beene used or mounte! d. I recieved these as a gift however have no use for them because I am using Shimano 959 pedals. They come with all the original manuals and cleats. Please email me with any questions. Prefered payment through paypal.

Site Info:

ATAC XS - The new TIME off-road pedal that actually works in all conditions. Designed with constant feedback from top World cup racers, ATAC XS provides what no other pedal can match reliable function in all conditions - ATAC work !!!

Composite body, Steel axle
Aluminum spring axle
Stability - New ATAC XS arch design keeps your foot centred on the new wider pedal platform for improved foot stability.
Self Cleaning - Mud and dirt cannot stick to the simple "open arch" engagement mechanism which is wiped clean by the cleat as you step into your ATAC XS. The new body design improves self-cleaning of the engagement mechanism.
Dependable - Low spring tension of the patented ATAC design causes less friction in extreme conditio! ns, providing consistent entry and release. When other pedals pre-release or jam, with ATAC XS you get quick and easy release when and only when you want.
Easy Entry - New ATAC XS body profile and new arch design provide even faster step-in. New larger cleat engagement window allows you to concentrate on riding, with no need to focus on aligning your foot with the pedal. You can step into an ATAC XS pedal faster than into any other.
Bio-performance - Angular float + - 5 degrees, Lateral float 5mm
Weight - 334g
Seller Information

Name: Matthew Moore

Street Address: 665 Spruce St Apt B

City: Morgantown

State/Province: West Virginia

Zip/Postal Code: 26505


Telephone Number:

E-Mail Address: [email protected]
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