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JohnStonebarger said:
Regardless of how Bahati went down, to wait 'til the pack comes around again and then throw something at a rider is unacceptable. It's ridiculous. Afterward his attitude seemed to be "fine, suspend me." Maybe the suspension should be long enough to make him think twice next time.
I completely agree with you! Okay, he was emotional due to the death of a teammate and that is understandable. He was also angry about going down and out of the race. don't throw things from the sidelines. I've taken silly penalties on the field, but I've never thrown something from the box, bench, sidelines. That is out of line. In all sports there are limits and throwing your sunnies from the side is in fact quite ridiculous, as you write John.

And, is the resident Grammar Cop around?

A lot of folks tend to say/write "you'll crash someone," he "gets crashed out," "You'll crash the group by doing that" this the proper usage of crash?

I crashed.
He crashed because of heavy rain.

But...can you crash somebody else? Yeah, you can cause them to crash, but can you just plain crash them? Seems grammatically incorrect to me. I know it is likely just cycling lingo, but I am curious.
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