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Cycling News Flash, July 19, 2008
Edited by Ben Abrahams, with assistance from Shane Stokes

Barloworld to end sponsorship after the Tour de France
Barloworld will ends its sponsorship after the Tour de France
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
Team Barloworld has announced that it will end the sponsorship of its cycling team after the Tour de France following the failed doping test of Spaniard Moisés Dueñas. A sample given by Dueñas after the stage four time trial around Cholet was found to contain the banned blood booster EPO. The team's hotel was subsequently searched and Dueñas was said to be in position of "a small pharmacy" of banned substances.

In a statement issued Saturday, Chris Fisher, head of corporate marketing at Barloworld, said: "We consistently drive the values of our business through the team. Team Barloworld has a zero tolerance policy towards doping which has been constantly communicated to the riders - we have to act on this policy and as such we will all have to live with the long term consequences of one individual's action.

"This incident has a negative impact on Barloworld and our brand principals, which our board has a duty to protect.

"To say that we are disappointed would be an understatement. Cycling has been overshadowed for some time with doping issues which have negatively affected the reputation of the sport. Whilst we have continued to operate within this environment we have always made our position clear on drug use and have acted accordingly."

Result of continued doping in cycling on Sponsors - ...."and soon there'll be none"....

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So, Robbie Hunter is available then?

Same question that I asked about SD's recent revocation of sponsoship.....what happens to the rest of the riders.

Personally, I'd go punch the dopers in the face for costing me a job.


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jd3 said:
I read somewhere that the team director is blaming the doper for destroying the whole team.
I still have a bit of trouble believing that veterans like Hunter et al are not wise to what goes on around them to some extent. Not to single out Hunter although he really has gotten the short straw seeing as he rode for Phonak during Landis' infamous TdF. The jury is out on Barloworld but anyone who thinks that the guys on Saunier Duval were oblivious are fooling themselves. Millar had some telling remarks about SD's lack of awareness (i.e. no internal controls etc.) as regards doping after his stint there. I would bet the farm that SD had an organized old-school doping program.
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