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I got this email yesterday from this guy. Says he is from Italy, watch out for him. Like the Italians with 100+ bike manufacturers will want to import a bike from the US. Sure. Here is his name and email:

BARRY MARSHAL <[email protected]>

Here is the typical email you might get from him:

Thansk for your mail, Am Mr BARRY MARSHAL from Italy am interested in buying of your Klein Geometry and this is the number you can reach me +2348035259980, further to the above the payment will be made with the US cashier check and it will get to you in the order of $6,300 then you will take it to your bank for it clearance then after it clearance you will deduct your money and send the balance to my shipper whom will be coming down for the pick up of the Klein Geometry, perhaps, payment must have clear before collection of the Klein Geometry, so, if you are okay with this do get back to me with your information with which the payment will be issue to as below:
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