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Hey All,

I've been looking for a basic computer with an altimeter. I already own a Garmin GPS, so I am looking for something a little more simple.

I currently have a nice, simple computer (Sigma 1106) that covers the basic time, speed, distance information that I want. All I want to add on to it is current elevation and total climb. The problem seems to be, as soon as you add an altimeter these things get crazy complicated -- heart rate monitors, weather warnings, etc.

Anyone suggest a basic computer with altimeter?


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I have a Vetta V100A that is pretty basic. Time, Speed, Cadence, Altimeter, Odometer, Temperature and an Intermediate Timer.

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A classic, out of print

The old Avocet Altimeter 50

Not sure why they stopped making them, but small, compact, and simple.

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Trek Incite ACH

Has heartrate, but pretty basic - current reading only, no stats. Ditto for cadence. And easy to bypass if you don't want to look at it.

Altimeter drifts around a bunch as barometric pressure changes, but the ascending/descending totals seem pretty close.

Wireless speed sensor, wired cadence.

On sale $60 at the local Trek stores.

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That $ 35 on PP has these specs:

# Speedometer -0-99.9km/hr or M/hr
# Trip-Meter (DST)- up to 999.99 KM or M
# Odometer (ODO) - up to 999.99 KM or M
# Odomoter Save Function
# Average Speed (AVS) -0-9.99 KM/hr or M/hr
# Max. Speed (MXS)-0-9.99 KM/hr or M/hr
# Auto Trip Timer (TM) -9:59:59
# Clock -12/24 format
# Service Program
# Scan (DST, MXS, AVS, TM)
# Speed Comparator (+/-)
# Auto Start / Stop
# Auto Power Off
# KM/M Selection
# Calorie Counter
# Fat Burnt

# Current Altimeter -499 to 9999m
# Total Altitude Gain (TOT) up to 99999 m
# Altimeter max / min memory
# Current Slope
# Average Slope
# Maximun Slope

# Thermometer
# Max / min Temperature Memory
# C/F Selection

# EL Backlight

iebobo said:
I'm not sure about the reliability, but Pricepoint is selling one for $35.

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Are wireless computers reliable? I've always had traditional computers as the reliability USED to be horrible.
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