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You may want to check If my memory's right, they were selling NOS 600 cranks and recommending a 107mm spindle with it to get the ring in the outer position. Or it may have been that they were selling the crankset with the bb - maybe you can get him to sell you just the bb?

I have 105 square-taper cranks (first generation) on a 116 mm spindle (what was originally on the frame) and the chainline is perfect with the ring in the inner position. Not sure if this will also apply to the 600's, but I would think that these are pretty similar.

**added - from Sheldon's web site**

Special Purchase! Shimano 105 FC-1055 Cranksets $79.95 165 mm or 170 mm

These are excellent cranks, with Superglide chainrings. The chainrings are round with some special teeth to facilitate shifting, but without the pins and ramps that newer models use.

The arms have a pearlescent painted finish, rings natural aluminum (stamped.)

  • The 170s come with 42-53 chainrings, plastic wrapped O.E.M. packaging.
  • The 165s come with 42-52 chainrings, in consumer box packaging.
These use the traditional tapered-square D3H or D5H bottom brackets, 113-115 length. Use a 107 mm bb to line the outer ring position up with a track hub.

Special Purchase! Shimano 600 EX Biopace Cranksets $99.95 With B.B. 170 mm Only

These late '80s cranks come with rare Biopace 42/52 chainrings. Set includes traditional cup-and-cone tapered-square bottom bracket, 116 length, British/ISO thread for 68 mm shell.

<!-- --><!-- Special Purchase! Shimano 105 Biopace Cranksets $59.95 170 mm and 165 mm

These late '80s cranksets come with rare Biopace 42/52 chainrings.

--><!-- Use 110-113 bb. --><!--​
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