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my $.02

innergel said:
Hello everyone. I'm back again with yet another question re: my SS/Fixie build. I hope I'm not getting too annoying yet.

I purchased a set of NOS Shimano 600 cranks. They are 42x53 doubles that have a square taper. My question is what spindle length BB do I need to get? I thought I needed a 68x110, but I just read something in the archives that mentioned that I might need a shorter spindle (like a 103 or so) to accommodate the square taper. Is this true?

Thanks in advance for your replies, and your patience with my questions.

the 110 spindle would be recomended if you were running the cranks as a road double, as the factory intended. if you're looking to run it with a single ring for a fixie, and you're using a standard 120mm 'track' hub, you'll *probably* need a 107 for straight chainline, but that's just a guess.

it could be slightly shorter or longer, but the 110 is almost certainly going to be too long.

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