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Can anyone comment on the fact that some high-end wheels/hubs spin like butter in the hand, and other equally-expensive seem stiffer (not necessarily gritty)? While it may not affect on-road performance much, I'd certainly rather the buttery feel, even at the expense of increased maintnence. I'm running enduro ceramic hybrid cartridges in a Velomax Circuit Comp wheelset. I've heard one could pull the seals and relube with a lighter oil rather than grease (Lennard Zinn also had some recommendations - Slick Honey, Rock and Roll Web Grease, etc on a recent post.) Has anyone had experience with this? Do I have any options, other than shelling out megabucks for full ceramic bearings (which may not give me much better results?) My LBS mechanic (shout-out for Revolution Cyclery in Concord, NH) said you can run as light as mineral oil, but then you have to repack often...
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