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(Cross-posted from Wheels and Tires)
Has anyone purchased a bearing kit from Boca Bearings for an American Classic Hub? From the AC website, I see I need four 6803 C3 bearings for my rear hub. The only 6803 C3 kits Boca has are $75 for ceramic hybrids. AC says you can get a front and rear ceramic bearing upgrade kit (two front, four rear) for $300. Even accounting for the two fewer bearings in the Boca kit, that's a big price difference. Is Boca reputable or is AC just really expensive? Any source for stainless 6803 C3's cheaper? I don't really need ceramic bearings (no piece of equipment short of a motor will make me any faster). I pretty much exhaused Google. There are plenty of 6803 Max, Enduro, 2RS, unsealed, ABEC 3 and other flavors around, but no C3's.
I can call these two outfits on Monday, but is there anywhere else I should look?

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