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Beginner help buying bike please

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Hi all,
This is my first post.
I have recently decided I would like to get into cycling and have therefore been looking around trying to decide what I should get. Any help and tips on starting up? (I'm really a complete newbie). I have also been looking at what bike to buy and what equipment people would suggest as a starter.
On my list at the moment are:
Bike ( :D ) I also want a road possibly hybrid, definately not mtbk etc.
Gloves (I can't stand doing anything with cold hands).

Any help would be appreciated.

Ohh PS.
I found <a href="">this bike</a> on ebay, as I have an inside leg of roughly 80-82 (its really hard trying to measure yourself :p ) I wondered as a startup machine if this would be good?

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I LOVE my Trek 1200. You can always upgrade the components later, but it's fantastic for not a lot of $$$$
my 2 cents is find some local bike stores and go talk to them. they can tell you what size you need and you can test ride what they have in stock. they can answer your questions on the spot.
also a bike store will give service on the bike you buy from them, mostly likely for free, if you get a bike of ebay you have to learn how to fix it or pay someone.

mrcrabbiepattie said:
also a bike store will give service on the bike you buy from them, mostly likely for free, if you get a bike of ebay you have to learn how to fix it or pay someone.

Until you learn what you like and dislike, and learn how to do your own wrenching, it's better to buy from your LBS, ESPECIALLY for your first bike. You need to make sure you get fit properly, buying a bike without knowing your measurements and what you need could make you very unhappy in the future. Once the fit is accompished they can help to make sure everything is set up properly and offer you future maintenance. If you get bit by the bug, you'll want to eventually change and upgrade things anyway, and they can be a great resource for that stuff. I think buying used bikes online is great once you know your wants/desires/needs, and can do some basic wrenching, until then though, stick with your LBS. My .02 cents for whatever that's worth.
Do some research

Hi Gaz,

First thing I think you should do, is some research on the forums and the web. You should decide what type of bike you want, a hybrid or a road bike, and what type of riding commuting, leisure or both. A hybrid is usually the first timers choice, but once you like it on the road you might want to change to a road bike.

Geometry of a bike is very important, a hybrid gives you a more upright position and has a straight bar, comfortable on short rides, but not the best for long rides. On the other hand a road bike with a longer top tube and drop handlebars, gives you a choice to sit somewhat upright or lower your back and change position of your arms.

You should also go to your local bike store, try out the hybrids and some road bikes, don't buy anything . Wait a few days until you are sure that your choice will fit your needs, and if in any doubt ask someone, lots of wise people on the forums.

Also money should be a limiting factor in your choice, decide on how much money you will spend on a bike and do not forget you will need to buy other things. A good helmet can sometimes be expensive, Giro and Bell are the most common brands. Prices range depending on your needs and taste. You will need gloves for the cold and aslo for protection in case you fall. Try some at the bike store, and look for windproof gloves.

Hope this helps.

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I'll chime in with another go to the local bike shop recommendation. Go to every one in your area. Make no decisions until you have a few different bikes in mind and have test ridden them. Then come back here, tell us what you tried and you'll get much more useful responses.
Thanks for all the replies

Thanks for all the replies guys,

I'll be going down to the local bike shop later this afternoon. (UK time :) )
I'll ask them what they think etc and hopefully come back with a lot more ideas and know more what kind of bike I want.

Thanks again.
Ok, I went down to my lbs ten minutes ago. For my price range (Which is roughly £200,$350 ok not much I know) they had 1 road bike and 1 hybrid bike :p . I think I'll have a look round and try and find another local bike shop.

The two bikes they had were:
Ammaco Sport 3000 Road bike £175/$305
Mistral Trek20 £120/$210

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