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Im in the market for a new bike, and was considering getting a SS/fixed gear, simply because they are, well, simple. I was just curious if it would be advisable for a beginner like myself to invest in one as a commuter bike in a city that is moderately hilly. I just dont have the know-how, money, or time to invest in repairs on standard road bikes, or the "vintage" Free Spirit I have right now. I was looking at the SE Lager. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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wow, what a freaking disparity in posts... 1 vs 10,502.

There is a forum but Im not really sure it will answer your question as a beginner. But let me say this. SS/fixed definely has its merits. Im not sure what type of a rider you are or what type of a rider you desire to become, but I don't feel that there is any right answer. If you live in a somewhat hilly area, do you WANT to have but one gear?

If you are a beginner, I do not feel that riding fixie is the smartest choice especially in a hilly urban environment.

You can get SS/fixies for pretty cheap, or you can find older bikes with horizontal dropouts and convert them pretty economically.

I think that swapping gearing is pretty simple, and I embrace it from a strictly purist standpoint. Yes its simple. However, what is it that concerns you about the complexity or durability of shifters? Yes the geared bikes are simpler... but honestly, after the newness comes out of your cables... and you have appropriately set your limits on your front and rear, there is nothing complex or overly undependable about a geared bike.

You likely spent your childhood on a fixed or a ss, so I dont think its that crazy of an idea. Its more what you want to do.

Don't make price your limiting factor.
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