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We have a cottage (Gite) for two people.
Fully equipped.
In beautiful country side,4 miles out side of nearest village.
The village has just about all amenities.
The Dordogne is one of or possibly the nicest area of France.
Our nearest air port is Bergerac,but is mainly just European destinations.
Bordeaux is 60 miles away and is an International air port.
Car hire available or train to Bergerac (8 UP HILL MILES AWAY)
If you wish to bring your cycles (I hope you do ),a good tip is to take off most easily detachable parts also the front wheel .
Put everything in a carton (card board type) and tape it securely to your suit case ,hold all or valise.
That way the Air lines only charge you for one piece of luggage.
Generally the weight is not a problem or reasonable size but the second piece they Air lines)would like an extra $60 (approximately)
If tempted by above please email me for more information etc. on...

[email protected]
Or leave message on this site.
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