See what new products, posts, and reviews moved the proverbial needle in 2014

1. Felt Z3

1. $3,000 Endurance Bike Shootout 2014

Tops on the list for 2014 was our $3,000 endurance road bike shootout, which pitted relaxed geometry steeds from all the major manufacturers (seven in all). The test included side-by-side comparisons of climbing, cornering, and rough road performance, as well as a look at parts spec and pricing. The topic was so popular we're already planning to do it again in 2015. Find links to all the reviews, plus our best in test awards HERE.

2. 104-11

2. Video: How fast can you go with an 104-tooth chainring?

Exactly how fast can a bike go when equipped with a large chainring the size of a pizza pan? We won't spoil the surprise for you, and just say that the video produced around this fascinating experiment in speed is definitely worth a look.

3. SRAM Di2 Lever

3. Spotted: Polished SRAM wireless shifting drivetrain

Arguably the most anticipated potential product release of 2015 was one of the hottest rumors in 2014. Indeed, SRAM's wireless electronic shifting drivetrain stirred up tons of interest when we spotted a very polished looking prototype gruppo on board some of the race bikes at last summer's USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The big question now is when will it be available to the public? We have no imminent answer, so until then have a look at what you can expect.

4. Giant Defy Adavanced SL

4. First Look and Ride: 2015 Giant Defy endurance bike

The world's largest bike maker made a bold statement last summer when it released a fully revamped version of its highly acclaimed endurance geometry road bike, the Defy. Giant claimed the new top-of-the-line model was both the lightest road frame it's ever produced (890 grams for size medium Advanced SL), and that it smoked comparable competition when lab tested for weight, stiffness and compliance. But perhaps most significant is that Giant went all in with disc brakes, outfitting all eight carbon fiber 2015 Defy models with the burgeoning road braking standard. Check out our expansive report from the launch (with video) HERE.

5. What Not To Wear

5. Video: Top 10 things you should NEVER wear while cycling

We often provide insight on what to wear, or extol the virtues of the latest and greatest kit from various cycling manufacturers. This time we turned our attention to the other side of fashion - the faux pas. Check out this post to find out what are 10 things you should never, EVER wear while riding a bike. Have a look - but be ready to avert your eyes.

6. 34 Drive

6. Tested: 2014 Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc

Disc brake-equipped cyclocross bikes are becoming all the rage, lauded for their superior stopping power and ability to accomodate wider tires. Here we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular from 2014, the Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc.

7. Lance

7. How To Video: Lance Armstrong fixes a flat (seriously)

Once upon a time Lance Armstrong was arguably the world's most famous (and in some corners, popular) athlete. But when years of cheating and dubious deceit came to light, the Texan's fame turned to infamy. In the aftermath, Armstrong had his come-to-Oprah moment, spent a lot of time in court trying to hold onto a dwindling (and most would say ill-gotten) fortune, and making silly videos for Outside Magazine. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

8. Worlds Fastest

8. BMC Alpenchallenge AC01: World's Fastest City Bike?

Clearly the title of world's fastest city bike is very subjective. But it's hard to argue against the sleek lines and top-shelf-spec on this speed machine from Swiss bike maker BMC.

9. Felt 2015

9. Felt 2015 Preview: AR FRD Di2, F3 and IA2 - aero, race, time trial

While small in comparison to bike making goliaths such as Trek, Specialized, and Giant, we're continually impressed with the ability of Southern California's Felt to pump out top shelf two-wheeled steeds. From wind cheating time trial bikes, to grand tour sprint worthy road racers, to all-day-comfortable endurance bikes, here's a look at what was new at Felt in 2014.

10. POV Video

10. Video: Tour de Suisse POV sprint train reveals the mayhem of road racing

With a new regime in charge at cycling's world governing body, restrictions on things such as on-bike cameras have finally been lifted. The result is some of the most compelling cycling footage this side of Red Bull Rampage. Here we see the mayhem of a final sprint at the 2014 Tour de Suisse.