Continuing its tradition of defining and producing cutting-edge bicycle technology,vBH Bikes unveiled the new Ultralight bicycle at the Sea Otter Classic.

With the introduction of the BB386EVO bottom bracket system, combined with new precisionvcarbon molding techniques, cutting edge materials and forward-thinking design, BH Bikes has developed a ground breaking new bike design that shatters all previous performance benchmarks for weight and stiffness.

The Ultralight is a purebred race animal, positioned to carry the highest-level racers to the podium. "We developed the BB386EVO bottom bracket system with FSA, and this has allowed us to create a new frame that is lighter, stiffer, stronger…and ultimately faster…than any other bike on the market," said Chris Cocalis, president of BH USA.

Aside from having the distinction of being the first race frame to weigh-in below 750 grams for a painted 56cm frame, the Ultralight's BB386EVO's 86.5mm bottom bracket width allows down tube sizing to increase from a typical 63mm maximum width (on a 68mm wide BB) to over 80mm wide, resulting in a significant increase in frame strength and stiffness. While extremely stiff, stable and responsive, the Ultralight maintains BH's signature smooth road feel thanks to an ultra-slim seatstay design and 27.2mm seat post.

A lucky few editors and spectators were afforded the chance to ride several Ultralight prototypes at the Sea Otter Classic. Full production will begin on the bikes in July, and they'll be available for September delivery. BH Bikes will formally launch the production bikes at DealerCamp in Park City, Utah in July.

BH Bikes Ultralight
• 747 gram frame weight
• 166% torsional stiffness increase
• 125% rear end stiffness increase
• Signature BH Bikes ride quality