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Over the past several months I have read many answers to posts, and keep running across - The most important thing in buying a bicycle is to get to fit properly. Which means its better to buy from your LBS as they can do this. (And I agree with this. Somewhat.)

But not everyone employed at the LBS are competent to fit a bicycle. In Midland (Where I live) there is one bicycle shop. And the individuals fitting the bike vary, sometimes a lot. They havea tendency to try to sell you what they have in stock (They will change stems out, but I have never seen them try to change bars.) They do encourage you to ride the bicycle, which is really the only way for you to tell if you like it.

The shop in Odessa may fit ideally. But, they actively discourage you from riding their bikes before purchase. (So I have a hard time buying from them.)

And to further compound the problem, once you get used to riding, you will tweak the bike to make it fit your style better - I have changed my stem out for a longer one in the few months I have had a road bike. Not sure their is a way to predict this or not.

It seems to me that if you get a bike frame that is pretty close, everything else will wind up being adjusted. I am taller than some people, and am beginning to think a 175 crank (Rather than the stock 172) would be better.

I think adjustability might be more important than the first, 'ideal' fit. Especially since this varies between shops.

Just a thought.
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