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Normally this magazine sucks, but the last couple of issues have been pretty good.

Anyway they have an excellent article on getting rid of the processed foods in ones diet.

Nothing new here, but for some cyclists it might make the difference in getting the mid section trimmed of fat for race season.

They are advocating a
50-55% Carbs. These carbs are gotten from fruits and vegetables and very small amounts of whole grains(such as whole oats)

25-30% Fats. Monounsaturated fats....Nuts(almonds, pecans, walnutes, sunflower seeds), Olives(black/green), Oils(canola, flaxseed, olive. Even dark chocolate.....darker is better.

15-20% Protein, lean meats, fish, eggs, poultry.

Each of your meals should try to stick to this ratio. This will balance the acidic affects of protein with the alkalinity of fruits and vegetables and neutral fats and oils. Helps preserve muscle mass by preventing nitrogen loss and calcium loss as well.

Should also keep your insulin levels steady throughout the day, which should keep your energy levels high.
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